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Holidays are meant for relaxation, rejuvenation and moreover to spend quality time with your loved ones and having the best Tour Operator as your travel planner is the first necessary step towards it; a travel partner who has got the experience, the infrastructure, commitment and one who is a real professional when it comes to planning one-of-a-kind holidays. Detour DMC focuses on Destination Management in 'God’s Own Country' Kerala, India.



Our Service includes varied travel-related solutions for leisure, adventure travel and corporate travel.

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We are committed to expose you to the amazing destinations of Kerala we know and love, with passion and style.

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See what our guests are saying about their experiences at Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam

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At Neelakanta, the blue sea is everywhere. It is talking, laughing and peeping into every little corner of your life. Yes, at Beach Hotel Neelakanta, you live next to the sea. Because it is located right there on the beach. Take a walk and you have the waves playing and pampering at your feet.

Tall and handsome, Hotel Neelakanta, faces the sea from every nook and corner. From every single inch of it. However you try, be sure, you will always get watched by the sea. At all times. 16Kms from Trivandrum airport, the capital of Kerala, hotel Neelakanta is on the light house beach of Kovalam. The most famous beach of the most famous tourist spot, of the most famous state of India. Featured among the 10 favorite destinations of the world by National Geographic.

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